Verify Rates Machine

Verify Rates Machine to the Rescue!

Verify is expert in the handling of your business critical rates data. Verify Rates Machine services will automate and simplify your operation to ensure quality data, time after time. We will incorporate Rates Machine (as a stand alone service) into the systems you are currently using or you can access Rates Machine as part of your full suite of Verify services.

Verify’s Rates Machine intelligently processes your supplier rate sheets with ease and accuracy as soon as they are received from the supplier. We have automated this task and set-up validation checks of every single line of the supplier rate sheet that is processed. The system automatically identifies conflicts or produces alerting when one of the validation rules is compromised. It is impossible for a human to manually check all the validations that Verify has automated. There is no doubt that we will save you time and money!

Since we already have your supplier rates, we can then match those rates to your customer targets to identify profit opportunities for you to pursue. We can even take your supplier data to create an LCR report by dial code to help with routing.

Key Features: