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Verify takes all of your important "Variable Factors" into consideration to create your variable factor routing!

Call Routing is one of the most complex aspects of any wholesale telecommunications business today. There are so many variables that must be considered to balance profit, quality, cash flow, and risk, NOT just the lowest cost. Then you must consider business rules, credit limits, routing exceptions, balance of payments, and traffic commitments. The challenge is finding your way through all of the possibilities!

Verify’s Variable Factor Routing centralizes all your data for decision-making to determine call-by-call routing in a real-time environment. VFR takes all of the variables into consideration before blending to meet your quality and margin targets. The complexity that our routing engine is designed to handle is impressive!

By using Verify’s intelligent routing, you receive the benefit by improving quality, optimizing your margins and protection for your business. Verify dramatically improves efficiency because you are no longer manually loading routing tables into switches; the entire process is automated for you.

Key Features: