real time reporting
Verify Control Center Screenshot

Your Real-Time Information is at your fingertips with Verify Control Center

The Verify Control Center (VCC) is the user interface where all Verify features and functions are accessed, controlled and executed. The VCC will be customized to your specific business requirements and operational needs. The interface is web-based to give you access to your data and information 24 hours a day!

Verify presents all information in real-time. This begins with pulling CDRs directly from your switching platforms where possible for instantaneous rating for traffic and financial reporting, analysis and alerting. This also makes your data available to you for Drill-Through Data Mining. You can use the system to examine an individual call record with 7 simple clicks. Troubleshooting has never been so easy!

Profit and Quality Protection are always important in our real-time environment. You determine the levels of quality and profits that are acceptable and Verify will notify you when those limits are crossed. Never be caught off-guard again!

Verify Rates Machine is another step in the real-time process with automated handling of supplier rate sheets as soon as they are received from the supplier. This makes supplier rates available for immediate use in rating to maximize your profitable returns.

With supplier rates being processed in real-time every day, the use of Verify’s Variable Factor Routing (VFR) system quickly puts those rates to work. Using the real-time traffic quality metrics and customer and supplier rates available, Verify’s VFR helps to maximize quality and profits in real-time.

Verify’s real-time environment allows you to control your business with confidence. Information is powerful and Verify is your source of strength!