bilateral management

The Most Comprehensive Bilateral Management Tool in the Market!

Management of bilateral trade remains a challenging task in the wholesale business. Due to the need to measure and track profits and losses within a broader trade transaction, managing bilateral deals can be difficult and cumbersome. The challenge is to manage these complex arrangements without spending all of the incremental margin on additional personnel to make it all work.

The Verify Bilateral Management tool has been developed into what we believe is one of the most comprehensive yet simple-to-use platforms in the market today. The Verify system helps walk you through the steps of the process while considering the “deal”, inbound trade, outbound trade, management approval, and interdepartmental workflow. Verify can control the routing if you are using the full suite of Verify products and stop the traffic when the deal is complete.

The Verify Bilateral Management Tool gives your team a comprehensive view of your business with high level management summaries or data down to the detail level of a deal. We give you reporting to know the status of your current deals and if you are on target to fulfill your commitments! All information is available to you at the click of a button!

The most effective management system for bilateral business is most likely to come from a team that has actually operated in the bilateral environment…. That’s Verify!

Key Features: