If your wholesale telecom management system has left you in distress during this CoronaVirus shutdown, we can help.  We will get you up and running on the Verify system very quickly.   We will make your EMERGENCY our PRIORITY!

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More Than 300M Minutes?

This solution is perfect for companies with millions or billions of minutes per month that need customized interfaces and processes to meet the demands of a growing business.

Verify Interface - View of Dashboard - Wholesale Telecom Billing
Verify Interface - View of PODs - Wholesale Telecom Billing
Verify Interface - View of Bilateral Calculator
Verify Interface - View of Traffic Reporting
Error Bucket - Wholesale Telecom Billing


All equipment and information are housed at Verify's highly secure cloud facility.


Users can get to their company data from anywhere in the world, at any time. Wholesale telecom billing


Verify's Customer interface is a responsive design that functions easily across multiple devices and screen sizes.


Verify is not a canned software package; it is modular and customizable to each customer's needs.


Variable Factor Routing

Verify’s Variable Factor Routing uses real-time traffic quality metrics and the latest customer & supplier rates to determine routing on a call-by-call basis to maximize quality & profits in real-time.

CDR Mediation

Verify's CDR Mediation begins by pulling CDRs directly from your switching platforms for instantaneous rating to provide real-time traffic and financial reporting, analysis and alerting.

Real-Time Reporting

Producing valuable information in real-time is at the very heart of Verify.  Real-Time Reporting focuses on flexibility, speed, & accuracy.  Knowledge is power and we intend to empower you!

Fraud Protection

Verify’s Fraud Management system has adopted a dual-layer approach: fraud prevention & fraud detection.  Verify customizes the system according to your business rules to protect your company!

Supplier Rates Processing

The automated processing of supplier rate sheets as soon as they are received from the supplier so they are available for immediate use in rating and routing to maximize your profitable returns.

Supplier Reconciliation

The Verify Supplier Reconciliation module provides a means for managing the complete life-cycle of the vendor reconciliation process including auditing charges and identifying disputes.

Trading Tools

Verify offers Trading Tools to provide the sales team with all the information needed to negotiate the best deals.  Specific screens bring the data together to simplify this complex task.

Dial Code Management

Verify allows you to create dial code sets for individual customers or your entire customer-base in minutes with only a few clicks of the mouse.  Maximizing traffic is the goal and custom dial codes can help!

Bilateral Management

Verify's Bilateral Management system is one of the most comprehensive yet simple-to-use platforms in the market today.  Simple swaps or proportionate return models are available for you.

Business Intelligence

The Verify system has been integrated with a third-party application to provide a robust business intelligence package. We make your data available for customized analysis and charting.

Customer Invoicing

Verify provides a wholesale telecom billing system that is almost completely automated to produce all invoicing deliverables with automated processes triggered by a billing cycle calendar.

System Audits

The main objective of System Audit is providing tools to validate the integrity of information & data stored in Verify system databases.  It is the final step fulfilling the ultimate objective of Verify.

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The Verify system is an intelligently powerful data processing engine with speed and automation that can greatly impact the effectiveness of your organization. 

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